Grow organically or by M&A

Close the gap between strategy and field operations

We have acquired data driven capabilities to increase our sales. With 1DecisionSuite advanced analytics I now monitor what is actually happening in the business.

Will this acquisition be accretive?

We were able to validate our revenue assumptions in days & fast track the M&A transaction

Drive profitability & operations for your company

Understand your margins

Short product runs are inherently difficult to price; we now price custom jobs with confidence.

Tighten the margins

1DecisionSuite allows us to drill into operations & monitor margins.

How we work

  • Connector.Connector.


    • We accept data in its native format
    • Use connectors for over 90 systems including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Infor, MS Dynamics, Sage, etc.
    • Flat files for homegrown or customized systems

  • Connector.Connector.


    • We apply your company’s unique business rules
    • Perform data abstraction for easy maintenance
    • Map and Harmonize different data sources

  • Connector.Connector.


    • We store raw transaction data and mined data for rapid analytics

  • Connector.Connector.


    • We generate revenue growth and profitability analytics
    • Delivered through easy to understand visualizations
    • Provide dashboards, scorecards, and reports
    • Incorporate layered data with drill down capabilities

Lightning Fast Implementation

Easy to use dashboards for you to take charge

In days, break down barriers created
by difficult data from disparate systems & visualize answers.

Contact Us

3723 Haven Ave Menlo Park, CA 94025

The Team

Nimesh S. Jaspal

1Decision is the productization of Nimesh’s 20 years of consulting experience with companies like Symantec, Expedia, Verisign, Flextronics, Applied Materials, Safeway. Nimesh realized the need for packaged analytics when he got tired of building the same thing again and again. Nimesh graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelors of Science, and a diploma in data warehousing from University of Berkeley Ext. Nimesh is a hiker, edibles gardener and a builder at heart, building software or homes

Kunal Basu

Kunal is responsible for all things technical. He is an expert at building large scale analytical systems with over 25 years of experience building. Previous companies include: Apple, Symantec, Flextronics and NXP Semiconductor (formally Phillips Semiconductor).